How to check if a solicitor is registered in England or Wales?

It is very important to make checks on your solicitor’s firm to make sure that they are not fraudulent before you formally instruct them.

It is not unknown for solicitor’s practices to be closed down or intervened by the Law Society, for example, for malpractice. Occasionally these solicitor’s firm illicitly carry on trading often with fraudulent intentions with a view to deceiving either their “clients” or other solicitors.

It is normal practice for us, as our client’s solicitors, to ascertain the validity of lawyer’s firms when transferring monies is involved. This can be done online with the Law Society (or if the firm is a firm of Licenced Conveyancers the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC)). The links to check the information are:

For the Law Society:

For the CLC:

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